Hey You, You’re Not Alone | Anxiety

I’ll just say it, anxiety is a dick. If you’re unlucky enough to be one of the billions of people suffering with anxiety (which, statistically it’s likely that you are so, welcome) then I don’t need to tell you how big of a dick anxiety is. It takes everything from you and then demands more. [...]


Ch-Ch-Changes | Living in the Unknown

Lately I've been wrestling with the idea of change. My husband and I are currently on the cusp of a season of newness: we have a new baby, my husband will have a new job in a new state at a new church, and I'll have to make new friends. There is so much information [...]

How to Get Out of a Songwriting Rut

You know the feeling-- you're sitting at your desk, cup of coffee in hand, waiting for inspiration to strike and... nothing. How did you get here? What do you do when you just aren't inspired? Where do you even start? Just like most great things in life, this will take hard work and patience, but hopefully in the meantime I can help you reach a real breakthrough with some of my tried and true tips for songwriting success.