Homemade Healing Balm with Essential Oils

Have you ever gotten a bone bruise before? I have. And they’re TERRIBLE. I was being a total ding dong and smooshed my hand while I was helping my husband move some of his heavy music equipment. Suffice to say there was a lot of wincing and complaining those first few days. But then I [...]


Super Quick, Supersized Nutella Mug Cake

*drools everywhere* Hey friends, I'm back with another delicious dessert recipe for you! My husband and I make this mug cake All. The. Time. So much so that I’ve started calling it the Super Bruce Mug Cake. Although to be honest, it should really be called The Super Bruce Bowl Cake because this thing can [...]

Perfected 7 Layer Magic Cookie Bars

If you’ve had these magic cookie bars before, then I don’t need to convince you how seriously GOOD they are. Having made and/or eaten them a thousand a couple times myself, I've become somewhat of a self proclaimed amateur magic cookie bar critic. I decided they needed slightly more chocolate (because chocolate, duh) and a [...]