These are a Few of my Favorite Things… for the Second Trimester

All hail the glorious second trimester! Ok, ok I know. It's not nearly as glamorous as Hollywood movies or the countless women offering unsolicited advice make it out to be, but I at least felt a little bit better! Fatigue was (and is) still a constant companion, but at least my morning sickness was completely [...]


These Are a Few of My Favorite Things… to Help You Totally Crush the First Trimester

Let me just say what we're all thinking: the first trimester. is. exhausting. Waves of debilitating nausea, extreme fatigue, and worse-than-puberty acne (now how is that fair??) seem to lurk around every corner. But even with all that in mind, it IS possible for you to absolutely crush the first trimester. Aside from the actual [...]